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As the creators and producers of the Bondi Vet television series our company has dedicated over a decade to telling extraordinary stories about the relationships between pets, their owners, and the vets who care for them on a daily basis.

We’ve celebrated the bonds between pets and their owners and observed the remarkable friendships and benefits that come from owning and caring for a family pet and in response to the many Bondi Vet fans around the world who have asked for advice and guidance on how to best care for their animals, we have created is for the fans, who love the care, compassion and knowledge of our Bondi Vets, who want to learn more about common pet problems and behaviours, access tips on pet ownership, need to talk to a vet or pick up their food, flea, tick and worming treatments or a new toy or bed from our small independent Australian sellers – we have it here for you 24/7.

With 100’s of articles and over 300 videos on pet behaviour & problems, nutrition, health and wellbeing and some just for fun, we hope you enjoy browsing our catalogue, learn a little, be inspired and enjoy more of the Bondi Vet experience.

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