Vet Services by BONDI VET

Emergency Vet

Need urgent help? Call 1800 838 247 or book an online vet consultation – a vet will be available within 15 minutes.

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Online Vet

Need immediate peace of mind? Book an appointment via our exclusive vet consultation service.

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Mobile Vet

Can’t get to a vet? Aussie Mobile Vet comes to you. Currently servicing Sydney & Brisbane.

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Vet Q&A

Got a non-urgent question? Contact us via Vet Q&A and we will a reply within 24 hours.

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Meet Our Bondi Vet Team

Dr Kate Adams

Dr Audrey & Alison Shen

Dr Alex Hynes

Dr Danni Dusek

Do You have a Future BONDI VET?

Do animals fascinate your child? Do they adore their own pet or long to have one? Have they ever expressed an interest in possibly becoming a veterinarian one day?

Then fun and educational, FUTURE VET KIDS CAMP is just the place for your child to explore all things furry, fuzzy, four legged, creepy, crawly, feathery or scaly!

To discover all that we have in store for your budding veterinarian or animal lover simply click here to Learn More and Book.

Vet Services by Bondi Vet

The exceptional talent from Bondi Vet are excited to bring you a unique range of vet services to support you in your time of need. From Vet Q&A, online vet consultations to at home mobile vet services, the Bondi Vets and their teams are only a click away.

“Being able to offer a complete professional service to all pets is important and we build our services around this to ensure everyone has access to good veterinary care,” Dr Alison and Dr Audrey Shen.

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