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Managing Common Cat Health Concerns

In addition to the very best nutrition, maintaining the condition of your cats skin and coat, protecting it from parasites and providing it with the right blend of supplements will optimise it's wellbeing.

Is Your Cat Overweight

Learn how to understand the difference between a healthy cat weight range and an obese cat weight range.

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How to help a cat with UTI

How to detect a urinary infection in your cat, what are the most common symptoms and recommended treatment of bladder infection in cats.

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Does Your Cat Have Fleas

Choosing the right flea treatment depends on the environment your cat lives in and its pre-existing conditions, read our top tips on keeping your cat flea free.

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Does Your Cat have Teeth Issues

What are the symptoms of dental decease in cats, how to prevent this awful condition.

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How to Identify Arthritis in Cats

Cats are masters of masking pain and so it can often be difficult to tell if a cat has arthritis. Read our tips on how to identify and treat cat arthritis.

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Cat Pill Tips

Giving your cat medication can be tricky, learn a few tricks on how to give cat pills from Bondi Vets.

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What does a Cat need to be Healthy?

In addition to the very best nutrition, maintaining the condition of your cat's skin and coat, protecting it from harmful parasites and providing it with he right blend of vitamins and supplements will optimise its wellbeing, enhance its immune system, helps keep its bones strong and skin and coat healthy.

Parasite Control

Fleas, ticks and worms are nasty parasites that will make your cat extremely unwell. Prevention is always better than cure, and it’s easy and effective with the right parasite control products.

Kitty Litter

Cleaning up after your cat is easier than you might think. By choosing specially designed cat litter products from our wide range you can avoid mess and unpleasant smells.

Vitamins & Supplements for Cats

Specially formulated vitamins and supplements will enhance your cat’s health and boost their vitality giving them the right support for a long and healthy life.

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