How to Keep Your Dog Healthy

Flea, Tick & Worming

Protect your dog against harmful fleas, ticks & worms with Bondi Vet recommended products.

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Skin & Coat Care

Healthy dog skin and coat needs quality shampoos, conditioners and grooming products.

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Health Supplements

Using supplements can enhance the immune system, strengthen joints and maintain gut health.

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Oral Hygiene

Fresh breath, strong teeth and healthy gums require quality brushes, toothpaste and mouth washes.

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BONDI VET Recommended Products

What is Important for Your Dog's Health?

The bond you have with your dog is growing stronger every day, and it’s so rewarding when you know you’re keeping them healthy and happy. Choosing the best care for your pet ensures their bones, skin, heart, muscles and teeth are in optimum condition.

In addition to the very best nutrition, maintaining the condition of your dogs skin and coat, protecting it from parasites and providing it with the right blend of supplements will optimise it's wellbeing.

Parasite Control

Fleas, ticks and worms are harmful parasites that will make your dog unwell. Prevention is easy and effective to keep your pet safe with the right parasite control treatments available at Bondi Pet.

Skin & coat care

A shiny coat and healthy skin are signs your dog is super healthy. Avoid hidden nasties under their fur with grooming products specifically developed for dogs. They’ll not only look good but feel better too.

Vitamins and supplements

Specially formulated vitamins and supplements will enhance your dog’s health and boost their vitality.

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