What do You Need to Take Care of a Puppy

Puppy Food

Growing puppies need specially balanced food for their fast developing bones and muscles, strong immune system, and healthy joints.

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Puppy Wellbeing

Support your puppy’s wellbeing and growth through vet recommended parasite control products, skin and coat essentials and the right vitamins.

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Puppy Toys & Accessories

Enrich your pup’s early development with specially designed toys, behavioural aids and accessories that maximise the benefits from exercise and play.

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BONDI VET Recommended Products

What are the Basic Needs of a Puppy

The joy of bringing home a puppy is a special moment, but a moment that comes with responsibility. Investing in puppy specific food, protecting it with parasites control and providing bedding, toys, hydration solutions is the start of a wonderful journey.

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